Wedding Colours for Spring 2013

With spring just about knocking at our door, we thought we should share the spring wedding colour report for 2013 with you.
According to Pantone, these are them ūüėČ

pantone spring

Mix them up, add a pop to your linens, bridesmaids dresses, florals, shoes, etc.


Trends We Adore for 2013

By: Tracey Manailescu of Tracey M Events

What a great year for trying new patterns, prints, fabrics and colours. Old is new and new is old!

We are really excited to see some of these beautiful ideas come to light. We look forward to implementing some of them at Tracey M Events.
Which ones do you like best?

We love these patterned and pastel like coloured cotton ties from Tux & Tulle
Coloured & patterned neck ties

You might see brides and flower girls wearing floral crowns. Sigh, sweet romance is what comes to my mind…Thanks, Kate Moss! Photo credit: The amazing Mario Testino
Kate Moss flower girls

Art Deco Designs will be everywhere. These beautiful wedding invitations are from Ceci New York, of course!. (As if you had to ask.)
Ceci New York

The colour of the year according to Pantone is Emerald Green
We love this Pantone Inspiration board from Wedding Paper Divas
pantone emerald inspiration board

Lounge furniture will be taken to a new level. Swing tables? Blinged out furniture? Textures in fabrics? We say, bring it!
Swing Table
blinged out furniture

Shoes, oh glorious shoes…
Jimmy Choo
jimmy choo

Christian Louboutin

Making Limoncello and Orangello

By: Tracey Manailescu

Want a great idea for something to do as a couple? Why not make your very own batch of limoncello? (Heck, we went so far as to make that and orangello, too!)  It takes 5 weeks for the recipe that is in this article.  Boy, oh boy!  Was it worth it, though!!!

Why on earth would you want to make it, when you can hop over to the LCBO and buy some?¬† Well, for starters, you can tell people you made it from scratch and they will be really impressed.¬† Even more so after they taste it.¬† Some things always taste better when made with love, and if you make it together, it is ūüėČ

Serve it at your next dinner party, girls’ nigh,t or movie night cuddled up on the couch with a cozy blanket together.

This is the recipe we used:

Make this now…and be enjoying some with friends by the 4th of July…cheers!

The Best Limoncello is Homemade Limoncello!

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes

Yield: Approximately 9 cups; or about 8 bottles.

1-2 ozs


Limoncello Recipe from Creative Culinary 


  • 12 organic lemons
  • 1.75 liter bottle of 100-proof vodka, divided
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 cups sugar


  1. Wash the lemons well with soapy water, rinse and dry.
  2. Remove the yellow part of the lemon peel with a sharp peeler being careful to avoid any of bitter white pith. If any pith remains on the back of a strip of peel, scrape it off with a sharp knife.
  3. Put the yellow peels in a jar or bottle, add half of the vodka and seal tightly. Leave the bottle to steep until the peels lose their color, at least 2 weeks.
  4. Combine one cup of the water all of the sugar in a saucepan and heat on medium high just until the sugar dissolves. Remove from heat, add one cup of ice cold water and let the mixture completely cool.
  5. Strain the vodka from the peels. I strain mine by wrapping some cheesecloth under a metal strainer and pouring through both; that will remove the large peels and any smaller particles. Once strained, add the remaining vodka and the syrup.
  6. Put the liqueur in bottles, seal tightly and store for at least 1 week before using.
  7. For drinking straight, store the Limoncello in the freezer.


Prep time does not include the time required to age the finished product.

Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers

Oh my gosh! How stinking cute are these heart shaped wedding sparklers from Say Anything Design?!?!

72 in each order, and they last for about a minute each. These could be used as a send off for the happy couple, during the vows for the guests to be involved or even on top of the bridal cake at a shower or on the wedding cake. Get creative!

*Just an FYI that these can’t be shipped out of the US

Swoon Worthy Wedding Menus

By: Tracey Manailescu of Tracey M Events

Wedding menus.¬† What a simple way to add¬†a special touch¬†to your wedding reception.¬† Menus can be simple, stylish, glamorous, blinged out or whatever you want them to be.¬†¬†Menus are also an easy way to keep your guests in the loop.¬† What’s coming next? Is it paired with a wine? Is it something many of your guests may not have tasted before? Is the food grown locally? Is it special to you and your husband for any particular reason? (Maybe¬†your favorite childhood food from the country you grew up in, or where your family comes from,¬† or Grandma’s secret family recipe passed on for your wedding, or a special dish created by the Chef for the two of you to share with your guests, etc.)

Here is an example of why menus are important to have from a previous wedding I coordinated:

The Bride & Groom had menu cards created for their wedding, and they had three choices to offer their guests, which were pre-selected when they sent in their responses to attend.¬† A filet mignon, a chicken dish and a vegetarian dish.¬† I had¬†set the menus out on the reception tables during the cocktail hour, before the guests came in to the ballroom to take their seats for dinner.¬† A couple came in and took their seats and noticed the menu, and came over to me immediately. The woman had chosen the filet mignon but realized on the menu that it was blue-cheese encrusted, and she had an allergy to blue cheese.¬† I went straight to the catering manager and explained the situation, and they switched the meal to chicken without any ruffle in the meal.¬† Problem averted. Happy guest ūüôā

Here are some gorgeous menus for inspiration:

Cootie Catcher:  Lift the flap to reveal each course.

Source:        Photo: Thorsen Photography

Source: A Life of Design

Source: Wedding Bells    Graphics & Design:  In The Now      Photo: Heidi Ryder

Source: Studio DIY   Photo: Cfuertez Photography

Source: Style Me Pretty    Design: Dreamy Whites    Photo: KT Merry

Source: City Catering Company