Wedding Toilet Talk

By: Tracey Manailescu of Tracey M Events

Ladies ToiletToilet
Men toilet
Photos courtesy of: Room to Go

Birds do it, bees do it, we all do it…  Let’s make sure there are good ones available for your guests at your wedding.  Yup, I really am talking about toilets! LOL!

If you are planning to have an outdoor wedding, you need to ensure that there is adequete washroom facitlites to accomodate your guests.

*Did you know that there should be 1 toilet for every 25-30 guests for optimal comfort and ease of lines? (Some places will even tell you 1:50 or 1:70)
*The average person will take 3 bathroom trips during a wedding reception
*The average usage of a toilet at a reception doubles with alcohol consumption
*Toilet areas should be cleaned, checked for cleanliness and restocking of toilet paper and paper towels approximately every two hours
*You will need to have hot and cold water supply at sinks for food & safety reasons for guests, food handlers and catering staff (over 15 staff and you should be providing them with their own unit)

What they may have inside:
*Heating and air conditioning
*Hot and cold running water
*Marble interiror
*Guilded mirrors
*Granite countertops

Photo courtesy of: Chantlers

Have I convinced you that you need to rent a proper sanitation company to supply your guests with?  Check out these companies available in the GTA for all of your sanitation needs.


Colin Cowie’s Wedding Collection for Hard Rock Hotels

By: Tracey M Events

Attention couples:

If you follow us on Twitter or FaceBook, then you already know that we were in Dominican Republic last week at the Hard Rock Punta Cana.   This is a HUGE resort full of tastes to suit any couple. Romantic, silly, wild or family focused.  They have it all!

The wedding department at Hard Rock Punta Cana are a fab group of professionals, who I now know personally.  I am proud to say they are a part of WPIC and the WPIC Alumni Association.  This makes it SO-O-O much easier when we are working together for a destination wedding.  I really believe it takes teamwork to make a wedding successful. Respect between the vendors throughout the wedding planning process, only helps everyone involved do their best for you. I had a great wedding site inspection around the property where I got to see the prime ceremony and reception sites.  *There are plenty of choices and back-up plans in case it rains.

You can have your very own Rock Star wedding designed by the infamous wedding designer extraordinaire, Colin Cowie.  He is the designer for 9 wedding collections.

Check them out (*All photos with Colin Cowie wedding pkgs. are courtesy of Hard Rock Punta Cana Hotel):

El Sol


Metallic Dunes

Purple Shimmer

Rocker Chic

Sea Galss

White Rosette

Compliments of Hard Rock

Elegant Ivory

For pricing and what is included in each of the above, please click here.  Hard Rock also has some pretty cool planning tools and optional services.  You also need to view their wedding guidelines.

Having an Outdoor Wedding? Use These Tips to Keep Your Guests Happy

Written by: Tracey Manailescu

So you are having an outdoor wedding. Hopefully you have considered the obvious things like a back up plan in case of rain, a generator, washrooms, bug control, dance floor, heels sinking into the ground etc. The list goes on and on.  Hiring a wedding coordinator is a no-brainer, as so much goes into the logistics and planning.  Having vendors that are experienced with outdoor weddings is imperative. Start with contacting us at Tracey M Events.

Having said that, here are some things you can prepare ahead of time to make your guests feel comfortable at your outdoor wedding:

*Outdoors=Bugs.  Have some bug spray available for guests to put on as they come into your outdoor wedding space.  Off! Deep Woods Insect Repellent Towelettes (comes with 12)

*If your guests do get bit or stung, have some after bite care available for them such as Safetec Sting Relief packets (they actually come in bulk with 100 in the box)

*The sun can be very tricky.  Applying sunscreen at home at the beginning of th eday or not at all may not be top of mind fo ryour guests.  Have some SunX Ultra Protection sunscreen avaialble for them to avoid being uncomfortable and sunburns (25 in a box)

* Bounce dryer sheets. It will chase ants away. Put it under the picnic blankets, tables seating areas and voila!  No ants & a nice smell, too.

When the sung goes down, the evening may get chillier then expected. Why not have some pashmina’s available for your guests to cozy up with? Keep them in your colour scheme to continue with your theme.

*Dancing the night away? Keep their feet happy.  Offer a pair of flipflops from a basket.  Go to Old Navy (they have $1 days) or even the Dollar Store. *Again, buy them in your colour scheme to continue with your theme.

It really is the special touches and the flow of events that your guests will remember. These are just some special touches for you to keep in mind, that your guests will appreciate. Keep them happy, and enjoy your wedding!