Life Experiences Goes Wedding Related

POPPING THE QUESTION CANADIAN GIFT CARD LEADER, LIFEEXPERIENCES.CA, MOVES INTO GAP IN WEDDING REGISTRY MARKET, an industry leader in providing unique experiential gift options for any occasion, is entering into the Wedding Registry Market in Canada (available in Ontario, Alberta and B.C.).

Said Murray Milthorpe, Chief Experiences Officer of the company: “Our mission is to provide a new and very personal registry option for the couple that ‘has everything’. As more and more couples combine households, there is a need for a registry that reflects these changes.”

Added Dale Jones, Founding Partner of Life Experiences: “There’s a gap in the market.  Honeymoon registries may not suit everyone’s needs either, with many couples deferring the honeymoon if they take one at all. Couples realize that many guests prefer to purchase from registries in order to give a gift that will truly be appreciated but they struggle to find options that reflect what they truly want. That’s where we come in.”

With the Wedding Registry, couples will love the opportunity to register for gifts that offer memorable activities to indulge in together. The company has hundreds of choices, ranging from romantic dinners to skydiving. If the couple is looking for a short getaway, have many overnight stay packages that can even be combined to create a mini-honeymoon.

Concluded Registry Manager Karen Jones: “The Wedding Registry is very simple to use for both the couple and their guests. Couples register and shop for gift choices from the comfort of their home, then let family and friends know that they are registered with us.”

Sounds like a winner! Gift givers purchase a gift, and print a gift certificate, which is sent to the recipient via e-mail. So if you have a computer and printer, you have your gift!